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    Rhodium Plated Jewelry Explained
    When shopping for sterling silver jewelry, it is often says that the jewelry has been “rhodium plated,” but what does that mean? Rhodium is a silvery-white metal that costs nearly as much as gold (and is much more expensive than silver). In jewelry, it is primarily used as a plating for white gold and sterling silver, either to improve the color of the piece or to protect it.

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    This Season’s Five Hottest Jewelry Trends

    We often turn to the latest runway shows for a glimpse at upcoming fashion trends, but what about jewelry? The pieces on runway seem to many to be intimidating and unwearable, and that’s not even mentioning how many designer jewelry pieces carry huge price tags for cheap materials.

    However, it’s pretty easy to pull inspiration from Fashion Week with pieces that are both high quality and easy to wear. Here are a few great ways to wear the latest looks.

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